The Flottec 400 series products are both anionic and nonionic surfactants that can be used as filter and dewatering aids to control moisture levels and increase throughput in filter applications. These products can also be used as collectors in certain industrial mineral applications and as boosters for phosphate flotation.
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Processing Aids
The Flottec 600 and 700 series products provide chemical solutions to the processing problems that are encountered in both sulfide and industrial mineral applications.  The products include defoamers, antiscalants, colorants, dispersants, anticaking, dust control and other products.
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The Flottec 800 and 900 series depressants are inorganic products such as NaSH or organic products, both natural and synthetic products.

In conjunction with our alliance partners around the world, Flottec has a full range of flocculants available that represent the latest in polymer technology. The products available are anionic, nonionic and cationic polyacrylamide homo and co polymers in dry, liquid or emulsion form as well as polyamine, polyDADM and other coagulants to meet all your processing needs.

Advanced Products
Intensive efforts are underway to produce new products. Much of the current attention is related to the production of collectors that provide selectivity for gangue sulfides at lower pH levels and the development of new frothers with improved breakdown characteristics.   Also, work continues to develop new manufacturing processes to make products that are environmentally friendly. We will keep you updated as to new products as they become available.